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How much does it cost to use Feedback Factory™ and what is included in this price?

Create an unlimited number of surveys with unlimited questions and answers per survey for $19.95 CDN/ per month. This includes up to 1,000 survey responses (additional responses per month over 1,000 are 0.05 each). Billing will be on a monthly basis, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

How long does it take to create an online survey using Feedback Factory™?

For simple surveys, you can register, build, and send out a survey in as little as 10 minutes. For longer more complex surveys, you can save it, access it as well as send it at a later date.

Does Feedback Factory™ have survey templates that I can copy and use?

Yes, there is a survey template library from which you can select and copy surveys. After adding a survey template to your account, you can customize and edit questions as you like. This saves you research and creation time.

What design features are available in Feedback Factory™?

Upload your company logo, or a personal gif/ jpeg to your survey, as well as select or create your own background and font combination. Build a survey from 12 question types (click to view)

How do I send and collect my survey using Feedback Factory™ after I have created it?

When your survey is ready to be sent, you can use our Email Manager to create a database of emails and related contact information. Then, you can email out a personalized message to each of the recipients using the database information as mail merge fields. Alternatively, you can get a your survey’s unique web address and post it to your website or banner ad; print the web address on postcards, pamphlets, or poster tear away tabs; and/ or present your survey at a kiosk.

Survey responses are collected with no effort on your part. Results are updated in real time and you can view them anywhere there is web access.

What types of survey reports and analysis do I receive with Feedback Factory™?

Responses received are collected and data updated in real time. Survey information is analyzed and you will receive a summary report with calculated response numbers as well as percentages (%). In addition, you receive views of each individual survey response.

Where is survey data stored and for how long?

Your survey data will be stored on our servers for one year, after which time it will be archived. You may choose to have your reports active for a longer length of time at a minimal extra cost.

How secure is Feedback Factory™?

Feedback Factory™ is a secure website. The website and databases are password-protected. All of your data is confidential and owned by you, the client. Feedback Factory™ never uses your survey data internally or externally for any purpose whatsoever. Please refer to our Terms of Use (click to view) and Privacy Statement (click to view) for more information.

How else can I use Feedback Factory™ aside from surveying?

Use Feedback Factory™ to send and collect forms. Maximize your monthly registration fee by using Feedback Factory™ to build application forms, collect and compile information during interviews, email out enquires to update supplier contact databases, do short media polls, or do registrations for courses or training.

What are the technical requirements for Feedback Factory™?

There are no software downloads required for Feedback Factory™. Clients or survey creators do need to activate cookies. Feedback Factory™ is optimized for viewing in Internet Explorer 6.x.

How does Billing and Cancellation work for Feedback Factory™?

Credit cards will be billing the monthly fee upon registration and additional responses over the 1,000 included in the monthly subscription will be billed the following month. You can cancel your Feedback Factory™ account at any time, but the account will be active for the remainder of that billing period and responses capped at 1,000.

Can I export my survey data from Feedback Factory™?

You can export survey data as a CVS file and retain databases in excel or access, or do further analysis in SPSS. Both summary data and individual survey data can be exported to you computer as well as to other Feedback Factory™ accounts.

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